The Nissan NV is another oversize van that is used for both commercial and personal use. The Nissan NV began production and distribution in the United States in 2011.

The unique structure of the NV, a modified Titian platform,  make for a safe, smooth and well handling ride.  The high strength low alloy steel (HSLA) passenger compartment protects its passengers while the front rear and side impact areas contain softer energy absorbing metals to minimize the impact to its occupants.

Restoring body and collision repair to the Nissan NV after an accident must be done in accordance with Nissans manufacture guidelines and with proper equipment. Body and collision repairs on the Nissan NV often times require special equipment and lifts to make sure all areas are repaired correctly and to assure its original structural integrity is restored.

European Collision Center follows available Nissan NV body and collision repair procedures to assure safety and performance are restored back to pre-accident conditions. Collision repair on Nissan NV’s are taken very seriously to protect both the value of the vehicle and most importantly the safety of its passengers.

Trust European Collision Center with the body and collision repairs to your Nissan NV!!

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